Here are a few of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via the "Contact Us" page.

Q1. How long can I expect to wait for my new aquarium to be ready for installation?
Our aquariums usually take 4-6 weeks to manufacture. Aquarium installations requiring substantial building works can take up to 8 weeks.
Q2. Can you work with my chosen contractors?
Yes, we regularly work with our clients’ builders, interior designers, architects, electricians etc. Alternatively, we can arrange all areas of your aquarium installation for you.
Q3. How often should a marine aquarium be serviced?
The frequency of maintenance visits vary depending on the aquarium. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service visits.
Q4. How soon can I introduce fish into my new aquarium?
More often than not, we advise a 3 week period for the aquarium to mature before releasing the fish into their new home! However, each aquarium is an individual habitat and will mature at different speeds. For customers who want to welcome fish as soon as possible, we offer a method to speed up the maturing process.
Q5. Can you supply any fish I want?
Yes! Even sharks! Complete Aquariums is able to supply a huge variety of species and will make every effort to provide you with the brightest and healthiest fish including some rare gems.
Q6. How often do I need to feed my fish and what do they eat?
Like us, fish enjoy a varied diet and need to be fed daily. A tasty selection of foods include, dry flake food, frozen seafood and a variety of seaweed. We can supply you with the right selection of foods and advise what to feed your fish, how much and when.
Q7. How can I find out the maximum size of aquarium I can have without it falling through the floorboards!?
This will depend on the location you have in mind and what is beneath the floor. Aquariums holding up to 400 litres are suitable for most floor types but for larger installations we would advise having the site assessed by a structural engineer and if necessary, reinforcing the area directly under where the aquarium is to be positioned.
Q8. I have a Freshwater aquarium but would like a Marine Aquarium. Can you convert it?  
Yes we can! However, a marine aquarium requires more equipment than a freshwater tank and in some cases it would be more beneficial to start from scratch and install a new marine aquarium. We are happy to assess the suitability of each freshwater tank and then advise if it can be converted efficiently and successfully.
Q9. What happens to the aquarium / fish when I am on holiday?
Everyone needs a holiday and we will ensure your aquarium is looked after whilst you are away. We can either set up an automatic feeder which will be set to release food at specific times or we can personally visit the aquarium and feed the fish, as well as check the general health of the tank. Aquariums can be left on their own for up to 3 days.
Q10. I’m moving home! Can Complete Aquariums assist in relocating my aquarium?
Yes we can. We have assisted with several relocations and will ensure that the move is a smooth and hassle free transition for both you and your fish. Prices for relocating an aquarium vary.
Q11. What if we have a power cut?
In the event of a power cut, Complete Aquariums can provide a battery powered back-up system which will provide oxygen into the aquarium temporarily until the power source is resumed. However, don’t panic unless the power cut is for longer than 3 hours!